April 4, 2017

"Follow My Portfolio" Performance Update for FY2017 (Premium Service)

Follow Dr Vijay Malik’s Portfolio with Latest Buy/Sell Transaction updates” is a premium service in which we provide the subscribers an access to the details of our equity portfolio along with latest buy/sell transactions in our portfolio.

It is an information service (not an advisory service), which lets the subscribers know what % of our portfolio has been invested in each of the stocks and what stocks we are buying currently. Buy/sell transactions list includes the stocks that we have bought recently along with the prices at which we bought them.

The "Follow My Portfolio" service is to act as an information source to subscribers about the stocks that we are buying currently. This is an information source to subscribers to know what stocks we believe are currently within our buying range so that they may choose to take a decision accordingly.

  1. Update by email about all the future transactions (buy as well as sell) in our portfolio at the end of the day of the transaction (after market closing hours) during the period of the subscription. The email update would contain the details of the stock bought/sold and the price at which the transaction was done.
  2. Access to the premium section containing updated details of our portfolio and the list of all the transactions from the start of this service (July 30, 2016) until date during the subscription period, at the following link: http://premium.drvijaymalik.com/portfolio/

Updates on portfolio performance as on March 31, 2017:

  • During FY2017, the portfolio has generated returns of 173.55% against an increase in BSE Sensex of 16.93%. 
  • I started building the portfolio on August 8, 2011, on joining my first job after MBA (2009-11). Since then, the portfolio has generated an annualized return (CAGR) of 73.17%.

The below table contains the yearly performance history of the portfolio:

Portfolio performance update for FY2017 for

Investors may learn more and subscriber to the “Follow Dr Vijay Malik’s Portfolio with Latest Buy/Sell Transaction Updates” by visiting the following link:

It is highly recommended that investors read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at the subscription page to understand the terms & conditions and contours of this service.

All the best for your investing journey!


Dr Vijay Malik