Dr Vijay Malik’s Screener.in Stock Analysis Excel Template

Modified on June 7, 2018

All of us are aware about the usefulness of excel templates in stock analysis. These templates help the investors in quick analyses of the data as it presents the data in easily comprehensible formats like a dashboard.

I use a customized excel template to analyse stocks as per my preferred parameters by using the data downloaded from screener.in website. The template acts as a dashboard of key analysis parameters, which help me make an opinion about any stock within a short amount of time (sometimes within a few minutes). I have used this excel template and the analysis output in many stock analysis articles published on this website.You may read about various stock analysis articles written by analyzing companies using the excel template in the “Author’s Response” segments on the following link: Stock Analysis Articles

In the past, many readers/investors have asked me to provide the copy of this excel file. However, until now, I have not put the excel template in the public domain for download.I have always advised investors to customize the standard screener excel template as per their own preferences and their learning about stock analysis from different sources. Customization of excel template on her own can be a very good learning exercise for any investor.

However, due to repeated requests for sharing the excel template, I have decided to make the customized excel stock analysis template, which is compatible with screener.in and provides stock data as a dashboard, as a paid download feature.

Investors who wish to get the customized excel stock analysis template may download it from the following link:


Dr Vijay Malik premium paid services workshops, guest lectures, Stock Analysis Excel Template compatible with Screener.in

Structure and sample screenshots of the stock analysis excel template file:

1) Analysis sheet:

This sheet presents values of more than 40 key parameters in the form of a dashboard. These parameters cover analysis of profitability, capital structure, valuation, margin of safety, cash flow, creation of wealth, sources of funds, growth rates, return ratios, operating efficiency etc.

Having a quick look at these parameters in the form of the dashboard helps in quick assessment about the company, its historical performance and its current state of affairs.

Screenshot of larger resolution output of the Analysis Sheet: Click Here


2) Description sheet:

This sheet contains details about description and interpretation of about each of the more than 40 parameters. It is advised that investors should read this sheet in detail before starting with the analysis of companies by using this template.

Screenshot of the Description Sheet: Click Here


3) Instructions sheet:

This sheet contains details about the steps by step apporach to get started with this sheet on screener.in website, change in settings for Microsoft Excel to resolve common issues and other instructions for the buyers.

To see the step by step instructions guide containing the screenshots for uploading the excel sheet on screener: Click Here

Screenshot of the Instructions Sheet: Click Here


4) Version history:

This sheet contains details about the changes/updates made in each of the new versions of the sheet.

You may read about various stock analysis articles and see the screenshots of the excel template in the “Author’s Response” segments on the following link: Stock Analysis Articles


Users/Investors’ Feedback about this Stock Analysis Excel Template:

The stock analysis excel template was initially made available for download on July 11, 2016. More than hundred investors have downloaded the same and quite a few of them have provided their inputs about the excel template. Here are some of the responses sent by the users of this template:

“This is a great tool for getting down to the heart of a company’s financials.

When I was doing my MBA at NYU I had a valuation professor who encouraged everyone in the class of 60 to make their own customized sheet similar to what you’ve made. I was a fan of Buffett so I remember keeping some of his metrics in view and creating a sheet! Of course yours is head and shoulders above anything else I’ve seen – kudos!”

– Uday (via email)

“The excel template is quite useful. It makes things easy for us in not doing the hard labor and calculating all vital data for each company separately. ”

– Ashish (in the comments to this page)

“Thank you Dr. Malik.  The tool is indeed very useful and super-fast to use. God bless you for creating it! Please use this as part of ur training to perform financial analyses of different types of companies in different performance contexts across industries. I am sure others will also love it.”

– Harsh (via email)

“Dear Sir, I have downloaded the excel. It’s simply AMAZING, EFFORTLESS and AWESOME. Kudos to you and your team for wonderful creation..”

– Vikram (via email)

“I have purchased your excel template and honestly speaking it is just great. Thanks for such a brilliant tool and the lessons you have taught here. This excel is really a great source of analyzing the financial position of the company”

– Krishnendu (as comments at “Ask Your Queries”)

“I am using your excel sheet on screener to analyse stocks. It’s been very useful and the concept of SSGR and FCF helps separate quality stocks from the rest.”

– Hardik (via email)

“Very good tool created for Stock analysis. Very helpful. Thank you sir”

– Jiten (via email)

“I chanced upon your site through Prof. Sanjay Bakshi (under whom I had the good fortune of studying). I believe your Excel template would be invaluable in deep diving for select stocks.”

– Vishal (via email)

“Dr. Vijay, your premium excel sheets are very useful and must have resource for me. thanks for extending this support.”

– Sanjay (as comments at “Ask Your Queries”)


Dr Vijay Malik premium paid services workshops, guest lectures, Stock Analysis Excel Template compatible with Screener.in

Key Instructions to the Buyer:


1) This excel sheet is for the sole use of the buyer from drvijaymalik.com. Any copying and sharing of this excel sheet are prohibited.

2) This purchase is limited to the current version of the excel sheet only. Any future updates/versions of the excel sheet need to be bought separately.

If in future, because of any reasons, screener changes the format of data it provides in the “Data Sheet” or makes this template invalid, then I would not be able to provide resolution of the issues in this excel template.

In such a scenario, I might come up with a new version of the excel template. However, the new version needs to be bought separately by the users.

3) In the original versions of the excel template sheet, all the formula links were locked for editing.  However, after request from investors, now all the formula links are unlocked. Nevertheless, I suggest that investors should not make any change to any formula/sheet in this excel workbook. Any change might lead to corruption of the formula links and might lead to erroneous results

4) Links to detailed articles on drvijaymalik.com have been provided under each formula segment in the “Description” sheet, which you may read to learn more about each of the analysis parameters.

In case you have any further query after going through the article links shared in the “Description” sheet, then you may ask your query on www.drvijaymalik.com as a comment to the “Ask Your Queries” page. You may visit the “Ask Your Queries” page on the following link:


5) Detailed interpretations and descriptions of each of the parameters used for analysis on “Dr Vijay Malik Analysis” sheet are provided in the “Description” sheet

6) Please read the “Description” sheet thoroughly before analysing the data of any company.

7) Steps to use the excel template sheet are detailed in the “Instructions” sheet.

8) Target Company:

The aim of the analysis is to find a debt free company, which is growing at a reasonable pace with sustained/improving profitability margins, which has been showing improvement in operating efficiency and has been generating positive Free Cash Flow over the years.

If an investor is able to find such a company that is available at a cheap price (P/E ratio < 10), then investment in such a company has a high probability of creating wealth for the shareholders.

All the best for your investing journey!





  • Please note that screener.in uses the data from capitaline, which is a reasonably good source of data. However, before taking the final investment decision about any company, it is advised that the investor should cross-check the data from the annual report of the company as the annual report is the most accurate source of the data available in the public domain.

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