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Participants’ Experiences: First “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, Mumbai

Modified on June 16, 2018

First “Peaceful Investing” workshop was conducted on August 28, 2016 in Mumbai. The workshop aimed at sharing equity investing knowledge with the participants that could help them gain confidence while taking their equity investment decisions.

The workshop focused on highlighting those qualities of companies, which if analysed and identified in potential investment targets, would lead the participants to make their investment decisions with a lot of confidence. Such a confidence would lead the participants to have a lot of emotional stability around their investing decisions and they would be able to hold on to these stocks through the up turns as well as downturns of the markets.

The workshop aimed to point out characteristics of such companies, which once analysed and invested in, would make an investor happy when their share price goes up (as the investor is becoming wealthy) and makes the investor even happier when their share price goes down (as the investor would buy more of them). At the end of the day, then investor would be “Peaceful” with his/her investments.

Peaceful Investing workshop, Value Investing workshop Mumbai, Dr Vijay Malik Dr Stock Workshop

The workshop witnessed healthy participation by candidates, who asked a lot of queries to resolve their doubts.

These queries touched upon a lot of common doubts that almost all the investors face while making their investment decisions like:

  • When should we buy a stock and what price we should pay for it?
  • What should be the position sizing guidelines for any stock?
  • If I follow any particular approach and stick to it, then I would lose out multibagger stocks, which do not fit in these criteria. Then what should be the approach of investors?
  • What should we do when we feel that a company is making a lot of cash but is not distributing it to shareholders nor is deploying in to any new capex?
  • How should we identify a management on which we may have total trust that he/she will take care of minority shareholders?
  • How should we decide whether a company has a competitive advantage, any brand equity etc?

We were fortunate that quite a few fulltime investors, seasoned investors were part of the participants in the workshop, who shared their investing journey with rest of us. It was a very insightful experience to listen to experience of such learned speakers:

Peaceful Investing workshop, Value Investing workshop Mumbai, Dr Vijay Malik Dr Stock Workshop

Peaceful Investing workshop, Value Investing workshop Mumbai, Dr Vijay Malik Dr Stock Workshop

Peaceful Investing workshop, Value Investing workshop Mumbai, Dr Vijay Malik Dr Stock Workshop

A lot of participants shared their feedback about the workshop and their learnings from it. Below are the feedback of some of the participants:

“Thank you Dr. Vijay Malik for the wonderful 1st workshop last Sunday. It was indeed a privilege to be part of this one. Many learned participants with pertinent questions and knowledge sharing. To be learned and to be able to eloquently share such learning the way you did is amazing. Thank you for the opportunity and I wish we receive similar and some more. All the best and best regards”

– Shriram Subramanian (As comments to this page)

“I recommend it to newbie as well as mature investor who wants to relearn and ever improve themselves..doc will cover each and every imp aspect and will give u a new perspective to look at common Info available to all.”

– Vikas Singh (As comments to this page)

“Thanks Sir. Today’s workshop was a great learning curve”.

– Harshil Shah (by Whatsapp)

“Thanks sir for the wonderful session”.

– Mahesh Sharma (by email)

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"Peaceful Investing": My Stock Investing Approach

“Peaceful Investing” approach is the result of my more than a decade of experience in equity markets. This approach helped me invest even when I had a full-time corporate job and could not spare a lot of time for stock analysis. During my investing journey, I have faced all the common challenges of the investors, the biggest one being “scarcity of time”. “Peaceful Investing” approach keeps in mind that an investor will have limited amount of time to spare for stock investing. 

The objective of “Peaceful Investing” approach is the selection of such stocks, where once an investor has put in her money, then she may sleep peacefully. Therefore, if later on, the stock prices rise, then the investor is happy as she is now wealthier. On the contrary, if the stock prices fall, even then the investor is happy as she can now buy more quantity of the selected fundamentally good stocks.

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