Participants’ Experiences: Second “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, Mumbai!

Modified on June 16, 2018

The second “Peaceful Investing” workshop was held in Mumbai on September 11, 2016. The workshop was aimed at sharing equity investing knowledge with the participants that could help them gain confidence while taking their equity investment decisions.

Second “Peaceful Investing” workshop became special in many aspects. The workshop became the first “Peaceful Investing” workshop to witness participation by female members. The workshop was also special as it witnessed investors from cities like Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Nanded, Pune and Bharuch coming to Mumbai to attend it.

The presence of outstation participants from distant cities shows the confidence that investors have placed in us. It was a similar case when we had the privilege of a participant coming from Chandigarh to Mumbai to attend the first “Peaceful Investing” workshop in August.

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We are truly honoured to have such faith from investors and it gives us immense pleasure to know that the participants found the workshop valuable and added to their stock analysis skills.

The workshop focussed on concepts of stock investing including different aspect of analysis like financial analysis, business & industry analysis, valuation analysis and management analysis along with price to pay for any stock. Many live cases were discussed as examples.The workshop also focused on portfolio creation, the ideal number of stocks, steps to monitor the stocks and the strategies to sell the stocks. Guidelines specific to those investors who have a day time job and therefore, are able to debit only part of their time for investment analysis, were also discussed.




Answering to the queries of the participants was a key aspect of the workshop and various queries of the participants related to stock investing were answered and discussed in the workshop. Many members shared their investing journey and important lessons with all of the participants, which was a very important part of learning from the day.



Below are the feedback received from some of the participants of the second “Peaceful Investing” workshop:

“Dear Vijay, I had the honour to meet you and learn from you during the second Peaceful investing workshop at Mumbai. It sufficed to say it was an overwhelmingly satisfying experience (You can imagine, not a single yawn even after a sumptuous lunch with dessert, and I had reached the venue at 8 AM 🙂 . Your down to earth demeanor combined with the conviction that you have about your way of teaching and understanding the nuances of equity investing is simply superb. Personally, I have not come across a better teacher, particularly, who can handle any question with such elan, without even faltering once. It did not feel like that it was your only second such workshop. I don’t know how good the famed Prof Bakshi is, but he sure has a competition. It’s just happenstance that the best and the most brilliant human being I personally know, is a classmate of mine who also happens to go by the name “Vijay”. It’s great to have met a second “Vijay”. Best of luck for a new beginning as a full time investor, blogger and entrepreneur. Do let me know if you ever start a PMS/fund. Regards”

– Bhaskar Parihar (by email)

“This is for the first time I felt that I have got a powerful tool to study & invest in stock markets. I am happy as this workshop has given me the direction to take independent investment decisions & grow my wealth peacefully. Thanks a lot sir!”

– Kshama Bade (via Twitter message)

“What a day ! Eye opener to say the least after attending your peaceful sleep investing workshop.”

– Dr. Sunil U.Patil (by email)

“Hello sir, I have attended your workshop in Mumbai and I must say It was one of best class I have ever attended.”

– Yash Birajdar (as comments to the financial analysis page)

“Hi Doc! Enjoyed your session immensely yesterday.”

– Bosco Meneze (by email)

“It was a great learning experience. Privileged to attend today’s session. Great work Dr. Vijay Malik”

– Nimish Shah (on WhatsApp)

“Thanks for a great workshop.”

– Vishal Patel (by email)

If you wish to attend a “Peaceful Investing” workshop, then you should preregister by filling up the form on the following page:Pre-register for a Stock Investing Workshop in Your City

"Peaceful Investing": My Stock Investing Approach

“Peaceful Investing” approach is the result of my more than a decade of experience in equity markets. This approach helped me invest even when I had a full-time corporate job and could not spare a lot of time for stock analysis. During my investing journey, I have faced all the common challenges of the investors, the biggest one being “scarcity of time”. “Peaceful Investing” approach keeps in mind that an investor will have limited amount of time to spare for stock investing. 

The objective of “Peaceful Investing” approach is the selection of such stocks, where once an investor has put in her money, then she may sleep peacefully. Therefore, if later on, the stock prices rise, then the investor is happy as she is now wealthier. On the contrary, if the stock prices fall, even then the investor is happy as she can now buy more quantity of the selected fundamentally good stocks.

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