Participants’ Experiences: “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, Bengaluru, July 23, 2017

Modified: 16-Jun-18

We conducted our second “Peaceful Investing” workshop in Bengaluru on July 23, 2017. The workshop was aimed at sharing equity investing knowledge with the participants that could help them gain confidence while taking their equity investment decisions.

The presence of participants coming to Bengaluru from places like Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Mysuru, parts of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu made it a special occasion for us.

The presence of outstation participants from distant cities shows that confidence that investors have placed in us. It was a similar case when we had the privilege of participants coming from:

  • Ernakulam (Kerala), Vijaywada, Bhopal, Pune and different areas of Gujarat to attend the workshop in Ahmedabad in June 2017
  • Hyderabad and different areas of Gujarat and Maharashtra to attend the workshop in Mumbai in May 2017
  • Karnataka, Gurgaon and different areas of West Bengal to attend the workshop in Kolkata in April 2017
  • Muscat (Oman), Bangalore, Indore, Kolhapur, Mumbai and different areas of Maharashtra to attend the workshop in Pune in February 2017
  • Ireland, Kerala, different parts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh etc. to attend the workshop in Chennai in December 2016
  • Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Mussoorie etc. to Delhi for the Peaceful Investing workshop in October 2016.

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We are truly honoured to have such faith from investors and it gave us immense pleasure to know that the participants found the workshop valuable and added to their stock analysis skills.

The workshop focussed on concepts of stock investing including different aspect of analysis like financial analysis, business & industry analysis, valuation analysis and management analysis along with price to pay for any stock. The workshop also focused on different data sources available to the retail investors for doing stock analysis and an in-depth understanding using Screener, which is one of the best data source available for Indian stocks

The workshop included a dedicated session on answering different queries faced by the participants while doing investments and stock analysis.

A lot of participants shared their feedback about the workshop and their learning from it. Below are the feedback of some of the participants:

Dear Dr. Vijay,

I have attended other sessions on investing but this was special as this told me to work hard and gave a clear path which looks safe and peaceful. When you were passionately explaining us how to analyse companies, I was wondering how much of hard work you must have done to arrive at this stage and I personally got inspired to do real hard work and not fell prey to short cuts which we often seek in markets in form of tips and recommendations.

There was a clear message that do the homework, read a few good books but start the real time analysis of companies and form your own opinion on a stock. I found the content very relevant to the topic.

A big thank you for the wonderful session and I would highly recommend to my friends to attend this session.

Not very sure when I would be able to analyse the companies in the manner you explained it but I will try for sure to achieve it. Regards,

– Rajiv Sharma

Hi Dr. Vijay,

It was a great workshop.Here’s what I liked –

  1. As a faculty you come across as very sincere and committed
  2. The fact that you are a practicing investor makes a world of difference in our confidence to follow the Peaceful Investing framework
  3. I greatly appreciate your encouragement to ask questions and your willingness to answer them in a simple understandable way
  4. Loved the Q&A session. You were very generous with your time.
  5. Case studies through the session were very helpful
  6. Live use of Screener and your Excel gave us the necessary tools

Best Regards,

– Bhhavesh Kamdar

Thank you Dr.Vijay,

When I first read your articles, I felt that your articles stood out different from others. Your articles gave different perspective on the way I was looking at the stock market. I was interested in listening from you in person and to learn more from you.  So I opted to attend and after attending the workshop I felt that I took the right decision to attend your workshop. It was a great experience to hear your words resonating the rationale and your conviction on your concepts. Got the confidence that I should be able to select the right path for my Investing Journey.

Looking forward to have more interaction with you in future.

I was surprised that you were able to complete the whole agenda in spite of so many queries during the session.  Since it was a heterogeneous audience, it is tough to make everyone understand and internalize, but you did the justice. But if everyone had come prepared (after reading what you had suggested before the workshop), this workshop would have given more time for you to discuss on beyond your articles and also on related experiences that you had not written/shared as articles.  So, my only feedback is not for you, but for the participants: Before attending, participants should have read “Peaceful Investing e-book” to get the maximum benefits from your workshop.

Thanks and regards,

– Saravana Babu Srinivasan

Hi Dr. Malik,

The workshop was awesome. How it helped me:

  1. Even though, I studied most of the concepts during the MBA, I had forgotten most of them due to change in work profile. This workshop has helped me revise and strengthen the foundation/fundamentals. With this I will start investing now.
  2. You covered the most important aspects during the workshop.
  3. Saved much valuable time for me through this workshop, else I would have never found much time to read books etc.

Look forward to peaceful investing. Thanks

– Peeyush Jain

Hello Dr. Vijay,

Session and book were just amazing. I am a 100 % technical investor- both for Short and long term player. I intend to now use the technique to analyze the stock for long term PF. This was a new side for me and also going further than just screening for basics before buying. Book is also very crisp and informative. Regards

– Deepesh Agarwal

Hi Dr,

Indeed it was great experience to be there and learning from you.

Best part of Session was “Pre-Read” – Those pre-reads helped a lot to comprehend and understand your session inputs pretty well – especially for people like me who are “Learning” investing.

Another great part was – Your way of not going “Jargon” way. The methodology was simple, straight and easy to understand in the session. I found NFAT and credit rating piece as most useful for me as was not much aware of how to utilise it. Regards,

– Archit Sharma

Hi Dr.Vijay Malik,

Thank you for the splashing session and I’m amazed by the energy and enthusiasm you have to share your knowledge. The deep understanding of the concepts you have, the way you filter the stocks and the way you teach the concepts makes you exceptional. Thanks a ton,

– Sankar G

Hello Dr. Malik,

Here is my feedback:

  1. Content was very good.
  2. Explanation of each topic was excellent. You explained each topic to everyone’s satisfaction.
  3. Location, Hall, hotel, food, everything was very nice.

Thank you, Regards,

– Rajesh Rathi

Dear Dr Malik,

It was an inspiring, humble and learning experience meeting you on Sunday at Bangalore workshop. Your workshop content and delivery was impeccable. Looking forward to staying in touch with you. Regards,

– Nitesh Varshney


It was nice listening to you in the workshop at Bangalore. I am a chartered accountant and therefore the technical aspects and concepts were known to me. However, having said that I got to learn lots of new concepts like SSGR, etc which will help me in my analysis. I am not a techie and not well versed with computers and therefore excel. However, I have paid and downloaded your excel and would analysis companies based on these. I am sure the parameters chosen by you are well thought out and relevant. Thanks once again. Hope we meet sometime in future

– Vijay Bhatia

Hi Vijay,

It was a great experience to participate in the workshop. Appreciate the way in which you supported all concepts with real time examples which convinced me about its effectiveness. However, illustrations about using screener and management part were key takeaways for me,  which i will straight away implement in my investing philosophy. Thank you! Regards,

– Saurabh P

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This approach aims to find such stocks, where once an investor has put in her money, then she may sleep peacefully. If later on, the stock prices increase, then the investor is happy as she is now wealthier. On the contrary, if the stock prices decline, even then the investor is happy as she can now buy more quantity of the selected fundamentally good stocks.

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