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Recently, we have launched an e-book “Case Studies: Applying Peaceful Investing Approach”, which contains illustrations of application of the concepts of our stock analysis approachPeaceful Investing

The e-book “Case Studies: Applying Peaceful Investing Approach” is being provided FREE to all the investors who would subscribe to the email updates from our website (

This e-book contains 20 case studies where we have applied the concepts of Peaceful Investing Approach in the analysis. The illustrations contain examples of arriving at conclusions in real world situations in company analysis by referring to publically available data for the companies. The e-book would act as a handy guide for the readers to assimilate the concepts of Peaceful Investing in to their own stock analysis approach as well as reference material for usage of public information in stock analysis.Readers’ Feedback about this E-book:


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Dr Vijay Malik

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