FREE Sample Video: A Glimpse Into “Peaceful Investing” Workshop


“Peaceful Investing” workshop is an avenue where we elaborate our fundamental bottom-up stock investing approach “Peaceful Investing” to the participants. The workshop covers all the aspects of stock investing like how to shortlist and analyse stocks in detail, which stocks to buy, what price to pay, how many stocks to buy, how to monitor the stocks, when to sell a stock etc. The workshop focuses on key concepts needed for stock analysis for both a beginner and seasoned stock investor using live companies as examples. 

Until now, we have conducted 17 workshops in India and abroad (Dubai), which have benefited more than 700 participants. Participants of the workshops have found it very useful and many of them have shared their experiences with us, which are available here: Participants’ Experiences of “Peaceful Investing” Workshops

Overtime, many investors interested in attending a “Peaceful Investing” workshop have asked us whether they can watch a sample video to assess the teaching methodology in action, which would help them in getting prepared for the kind of teaching to expect in the “Peaceful Investing” workshop.

Because of the frequent requests, we have recorded a complete full-day “Peaceful Investing” workshop. It would help the investors based in those locations in India as well overseas where we do not conduct “Peaceful Investing” workshops.  

Investors in such cities can watch the full workshop online (a premium service) by subscribing to it here: “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand

The workshop recording also helps us in providing a FREE Sample Video to all investors, who are interested in attending the “Peaceful Investing” workshop and want to have a look into the teaching methodology.

Investors may watch the FREE Sample Video (16 min) below in which we have discussed the basics of balance sheet and an important tool “Fund Flow Analysis”.

If you have liked the sample video and you want to watch the full-day “Peaceful Investing” workshop, then you may subscribe to it here: “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand

If you want to attend a “Peaceful Investing” workshop in any city near you, then you may pre-register for the workshop at the following link. We will send you an email notification, whenever we plan a workshop in the city of your choice. 

Pre-Register & Express Interest for a Stock-Investing Workshop in Your City

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