Dr Vijay Malik in Economic Times: ‘Quality’ has an expiry date! The bluest of blue chips can give you blues

Modified: 25-Feb-19

Economic Times, leading business daily newspaper of India, has quoted us in its article ‘Quality’ has an expiry date! The bluest of blue chips can give you blues dated March 8, 2018. Following is the excerpt of the article containing our thoughts:

“Buying a good stock in itself is not sufficient to generate long-term wealth from the stock market. Monitoring stocks in the portfolio is equally important. Once an investment is made, it is advised that investors keep on periodically checking whether that company still fits into the standards of operational and managerial performance. A buy-and-hold strategy with blind faith is not advisable for stock investors,” says Vijay Malik, a value investor.

Read the complete article on the website of Ecomonic Times here


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