Participants’ Experiences: “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, New Delhi, May 13, 2018

Modified: 16-Jun-18

We conducted our third “Peaceful Investing” workshop in New Delhi on May 13, 2018. The workshop was aimed at sharing equity investing knowledge with the participants that could help them gain confidence while taking their equity investment decisions.

The presence of participants coming from places like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bikaner, Gwalior, Ludhiana, Moga and parts of Haryana and NCR to New Delhi made it a special occasion for us.

The presence of outstation participants from distant cities shows that confidence that investors have placed in us. It was a similar case when we had the privilege of participants coming from:

  • Mumbai, Chennai, Pondicherry, Mysore, Tirupathi, Devangere, Yadgir to Bengaluru in February 2018
  • West Bengal, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and parts of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to Hyderabad in December 2017
  • Kanpur, Faridabad, Coimbatore, Udaipur, Nagpur, Nashik and Pune to Mumbai in November 2017.
  • Muscat, Abu Dhabi and various parts of UAE to Dubai in October 2017.
  • Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pune, Hyderabad, Kochi, parts of Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh to Chennai in September 2017.
  • Ernakulam (Kerala), Vijaywada, Bhopal, Pune and different areas of Gujarat to attend the workshop in Ahmedabad in June 2017
  • Muscat (Oman), Bangalore, Indore, Kolhapur, Mumbai and different areas of Maharashtra to attend the workshop in Pune in February 2017

We are truly honoured to have such faith from investors and it gives us immense pleasure to know that the participants found the workshop valuable and added to their stock analysis skills.

The workshop focussed on concepts of stock investing including different aspect of analysis like financial analysis, business & industry analysis, valuation analysis and management analysis along with price to pay for any stock. The workshop also focused on different data sources available to the retail investors for doing stock analysis and an in-depth understanding using Screener, which is one of the best data source available for Indian stocks

The workshop included a session on answering different queries faced by the participants while doing investments and stock analysis.

A lot of participants shared their feedback about the workshop and their learnings from it. Below are the feedback of some of the participants:

Dear Sir,

The workshop and the entire day spent in the workshop has probably been the most important day of my life. I’m sure, in the days to come, this will turn out to be a big turning point for me and everyone in the family.

So far, my investing journey has been full of uncertainties, trying to find a grip – move forward – in the dark. It’s for the first time I think I’ve found a rock solid strategy for stock / business analysis, all thanks to you. Everything in my portfolio is up for review now. This is more than Peaceful Investing. It’s “Safe Sure n High Compounding”.

There were lot of times I and my brother (we both participated) felt completely moved by what you created as a context, for looking at things. You are masterful and everything was created and delivered perfectly.

There were times when it looked like there should’ve been more time for questions or the pace should’ve been slower. But the Q&A in the end, more than made up for it. And the pace brings high focus. So nothing to be changed there.

Thank you for all the hard work you put in and thank you for your generosity and willingness to pass on the carefully designed process.

The pricing can be increased. The course delivers way more.

We are onto the homework! With lot of gratitude and love! Regards,

– Karun

Hi Vijay,

Firstly, thank you very much for the session yesterday. It was an absolutely great learning experience to be part of the workshop. I must admit I had not heard much about your workshops and had not come across your website/blog before registering. I had received a message on a WhatsApp group with a recommendation to attend this session. I signed up on a whim thinking that even if I could come away with one new thing / learning it would be worth the money spent! The fact that the session was being held less than 15 mins away from my place helped as well! 🙂

To say that I came away with one learning would be an understatement! I left the workshop with a completely new investing approach and gravely aware of how much there still is to learn. There is a clear method to how I intend to approach investing going forward.

Thank you very much. I’ll be following your blogs and analysis closely. And if you ever plan to have a follow up / advance session sign me up. Regards,


Dear Sir,

Your workshop was indeed one of its kind for budding investors like me……I am a regular follower of your website articles but the workshop took investing to a different level altogether……Best part was Q&A session where innumerable queries were solved many of which are not there on internet.

A must for any serious investor especially so from non finance background. Thanks a ton. Regards

– Tarun

Good evening Dr. Malik,

This was life changing experience. I am in market for last 11 years and today morning they way I looked the market was totally different. Key changes:

  • Morning 8 am: chopped my watch-list from 30 stocks to 5 stocks. (To let you know, I reached home at 1:30 am. This was long drive from Delhi.)
  • Morning 10:30: checked the market for first time in day.
  • Evening 5 pm: checked the closing status. You might find this normal, but I used to check the market ~10 times a day.
  • Have 15 stocks in my portfolio, identified top 4 where I shall be doing deep dive as per the analysis techniques learnt.

So this had been the story of last 24 hours.

I must appreciate your simplicity of ideas, personal humility & time management during the workshop.

Thanks once again for the fantastic day yesterday, trust you have reached back home safely. I shall be analysing the businesses in much more mature manner & sharing the details with you. Good night

– Charanjeev

Hi Dr. Vijay,

As I spoke to you yesterday morning, it was the most awaited seminar for me. I really enjoyed yesterday’s workshop and happy to takeaway the learning’s from it. I liked the way you kept the agenda intact throughout the session otherwise we could have had to hurry in some parts of agenda. Knowing the wide coverage of agenda from beginning, it was good to see you cut short on queries in between and allowed time at end for the Q&A. As, covering agenda was of greater interest for the wide audience.

I was happy to see you being humble and kind presenter throughout this long session. Many thanks for the workshop. Will stay connected. Regards

– Ashwani

Hi Sir,

I had prepared for the workshop by making notes from the Peaceful Investing e-workbook & going through the notes & the Company Analysis before the workshop. This helped me in grasping the concepts, which you covered in the workshop, with ease. I must say the study material & the workshop have changed the way I look to analyse companies. The e-workbook is very exhaustive & simple to understand. It is one of the best resources I have gone through regarding company analysis.

The workshop was well conducted covering almost all the important aspects. Please continue with your good work & helping people learn finer aspects of investing. Wish you all the best! Thank You & Regards,

– Rajat

Hello Dr. Malik,

I must thank you for the efforts you have taken in designing a one-day program on Peaceful Investing. The way you have explained us to see Financial Analysis, Valuation Analysis, Business & Industry Analysis, Management Analysis & Margin of safety and credit rating is something which I can never forget.

I must admit that I have learnt the art of analysing companies from your workshop and I promise to keep sharing my analysis with you from time to time so that you could keep guiding me in my investing journey forever. Thanks,

– Sharad

Dear Dr Vijay

It was very nice and informative workshop and I am sure the knowledge which you shared with all the participants will help the investors in understanding the importance of analysing the management more, this in turn will also create pressure on the management to improve their corporate governance in the companies. Wishing you the best for future. Regards,

– Alok Mital


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