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Modified on June 30, 2018

Dear Friend,

Thanks for supporting us.

Today, we write to you to update you about significant changes and the new features that we have incorporated in our website ( in recent weeks.

It has been four years since our website came into existence. It has been a very insightful journey, which involved a lot of learning for us.

The website initially started on Blogger, which is a service by Google ( Later on, the website was renamed However, the underlying infrastructure of the website continued to be Blogger (Google).

Over last four years, we have had the opportunity of interacting with a lot of readers/investors, who have provided us with their valuable inputs. This involved feedback about various aspects of the website as well.

Over last few weeks, we have worked on our website infrastructure. As a result, now the website has been shifted from Blogger (Google) to a self-owned infrastructure. It means that now we have more control on modifying/customizing the website than earlier. This is because, the earlier platform Blogger (Google) restricted our options of changing the website layout as per our requirements.

In its current form, the website contains a lot of features, which would help in easy navigation on the website. As a result, it becomes easy for readers to find the article that they have been searching for. A few of the new features are given below:

  • The website is now secured with security certificates. You would notice that the website address starts with “HTTPS”. ( , ) This means that the data provided by readers/investors on our website has become further safe.
  • The website now has updated options in the navigation menu at the top of the webpage. The menu bar provides easy access to different categories of articles on the website. The reader may directly access these sections from the “Articles” tab at the top.
    • Basic concepts
    • Company Analysis
    • Q&A
    • Review (books, letters etc.)
    • Personal finance
  • The search feature of the website has been improved. Now the search field is merged within the navigation menu at the top of the web page. As a result, the search field is always visible and easily accessible to the readers. Readers may easily search and find any of our previous articles including conceptual articles as well as company analysis articles by searching it in the search field.
  • The primary navigation menu and the search bar stick at the top section of the website when a reader scrolls down the web page. This ensures that readers can reach their desired section of the website very easily.
  • A “Go Back To The Top” button has been added on the website at the lower-right corner. Whenever any reader clicks on this button, the she would reach the top of the web page. Therefore, it will be easy for the readers to quickly go to the top of the page from any part of the article.

There are many other changes, which we have done to improve the website.

We would request you to explore the website ( and let us know about your feedback and inputs. Now the website is on self-owned infrastructure, therefore, it would be possible for us to incorporate your suggestions. This is because, now we are not bound by the limitations of Blogger (Google) infrastructure.

The key section of our website “Ask Your Queries” is available for all the readers to ask their stock/investment related queries. You may ask any of your queries as comments to “Ask Your Queries” page.

Once again, we thank you for your continued support to us for last many years. We hope that going ahead, we would be able to meet your expectations and continue to play our small part in your investing journey!

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Looking forward to your feedback about our website, its new layout and the changes.

We wish you the best in your investing journey and pray that you achieve financial independence soon.


Dr Vijay Malik

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