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Launching: Bengaluru “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, April 28, 2019

Modified on February 17, 2019

One of the key methods to generate significant wealth from stock markets is to buy & hold fundamentally sound stocks over long periods of times extending to years and many times to decades. However, such long investing duration invariably contains periods of exuberance & distress where the market price rises & falls significantly. It leads to strong emotional reactions from investors that make holding stocks for the long term a difficult proposition.

Therefore, the patience to hold stocks in fluctuating markets requires very high level of conviction from the investor in her investing decisions.

“Peaceful Investing” workshop aims to focus on stock selection and analysis skills, which would make us much more confident about our stock decisions. It would ensure that our faith would not shake with day to day market price fluctuations and we would be able to reap true benefits of stock markets to fulfill our dream of financial independence.

The workshop would focus on the fundamental analysis of stocks with a detailed analysis of various sources of information available to investors like annual reports, quarterly results, credit rating reports, online financial resources like screener.

The workshop would help an investor learn in-depth analysis of stocks that would help her make her own opinion about the strengths & weaknesses of any stock. The participants would be able to use the stock analysis with their preferred stock selection approach like value investing or growth investing.

The workshop would cover basics of investing and simultaneously focus on key concepts needed for stock analysis both for a beginner and seasoned stock investor. I believe that a person does not need to have an educational background in finance to be a good stock investor and the workshop has been designed keeping it in mind.

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What past participants say about the workshop:


Experience/Feedback of participants of past workshops:

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To understand the teaching methodology, you can watch FREE Sample Video (16 min) of the workshop where we have discussed the basics of balance sheet along with fund flow analysis here:

The agenda of the workshop:

  • In-depth fundamental stock analysis focusing on management, financial, business, valuation analysis and operating efficiency assessment of companies with examples of real companies using publically available information.
  • Analysing & interpreting annual reports with the balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit & loss account and other important sections of the annual report.
  • Analysis of quarterly result updates, credit rating reports
  • Deciding on the buying price of a company with assessment of margin of safety in the investment
  • Deciding about selling a company from the portfolio
  • Creating a portfolio of stocks with discussion on ideal number of stocks, position sizing of each stock, adding new stocks and selling existing stocks
  • Using online available tools like screener for stock selection, analysis and shortlisting stocks for detailed analysis
  • I would share my experience of investing in different stocks with success and failure stories along with investing mistakes.
  • Key guidelines for part-time investors who have a day-time job

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Starting the workshop early is essential considering the vastness of the subject and for making available sufficient times for queries and interactions.

Guiding study material would be provided to the participants.

Please note that I do not recommend technical analysis for stock selection and therefore, technical analysis would not be covered in the workshop.

  • Date: April 28, 2019
  • Time: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Venue: Hotel Monarch Luxur, (Website) (Google Map)
  • Address: 67 Infantry Road, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001 Phone: 080-4250-6000 / 2532-8258

Hotel Monarch Luxur Peaceful value investing workshop bengaluru bangalore



  • Please visit the registration page to know current charges: Click Here
  • We follow dynamic pricing. The charges increase as the seats fill up and as the day of the workshop approaches. Therefore, investors who register early get lower pricing.
  • Per participant [includes lunch (Veg/Non-veg/Jain food) and two tea breaks]. The Jain food would be veg preparations without onion and garlic.



  • Hotel Monarch Luxur is located between the MG Road and Cubbon Park metro stations and is at a walking distance from MG Road metro station.
  • Car parking is available at Hotel Monarch Luxur for all the participants.


Meal Plan:

  • 10:30AM: Tea/coffee and cookies
  • 1:00PM: Buffet lunch (a selection of veg, non-veg and Jain items). Jain food would be the preparations without onion and garlic.
  • 3:30PM: Tea/coffee and cookies

Mineral water, writing pad and pencil would be provided.


Time Schedule:

  • 7:45AM to 8:00AM: Registrations
  • 8:00AM to 10:30AM: Introduction. In depth fundamental stock analysis focusing on management, financial, business, valuation analysis etc. with examples of real companies
  • 10:30AM to 10:45AM: Tea break
  • 10:45AM to 1:00PM: Analysis continued, interpreting annual report, credit rating and other company reports
  • 1:00PM to 1:30PM: Lunch
  • 1:30PM to 3:45PM: Buying and selling decisions. Assessment of margin of safety in the investment. Discussion on portfolio creation. Using online available tools like Screener.
  • 3:45PM to 4:00PM: Tea break
  • 4:00PM to 6:00PM: Q&A. Sharing personal investing experiences with success and failure stories. Guidelines for part-time investors who have a day-time job.

Drinking water, writing pad and pencil would be provided.

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Please note:

The workshop has limited seats. The registration details were first shared over email with the friends who have pre-registered for the workshop. The registrations are being accepted on first come first serve basis.

The registration once done, is not cancellable. However, the ticket is transferable. If due to any circumstances, you are not able to attend the workshop, then you may transfer your ticket to someone else who may attend the workshop. In case of a transfer of ticket, kindly inform in advance by email at

P.S. To pre-register and express interest for the stock investing workshop in your city click here

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"Peaceful Investing": My Stock Investing Approach

“Peaceful Investing” approach is the result of my more than a decade of experience in equity markets. This approach helped me invest even when I had a full-time corporate job and could not spare a lot of time for stock analysis. During my investing journey, I have faced all the common challenges of the investors, the biggest one being “scarcity of time”. “Peaceful Investing” approach keeps in mind that an investor will have limited amount of time to spare for stock investing. 

The objective of “Peaceful Investing” approach is the selection of such stocks, where once an investor has put in her money, then she may sleep peacefully. Therefore, if later on, the stock prices rise, then the investor is happy as she is now wealthier. On the contrary, if the stock prices fall, even then the investor is happy as she can now buy more quantity of the selected fundamentally good stocks.

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