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Analysis: Globus Spirits Ltd

The current section of “Analysis” series covers Globus Spirits Ltd, a manufacturer of country liquor (IMIL) and bottler for Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) having a presence in multiple states with distilleries in Rajasthan, Haryana, West Bengal, and Bihar. The company owns IMIL brands like Nimboo, Narangi, Heer Ranjha, and Ghoomar. “Analysis” series is an

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When a company should sell all assets and invest money in FDs? Find usage of short term funds for long term purpose. Find historical market capitalization of any company. Who decides the share price of any stock? has a section dedicated to answering queries from readers: “Ask Your Queries”. Over time, many readers have asked their queries related to many aspects of stock analysis and sought clarifications about investing. We have responded to these queries as replies to their comments. “Q&A” series is an attempt to share the queries & their

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Analysis: GM Breweries Limited

This article provides in depth fundamental analysis of GM Breweries Ltd, an Indian country liquor manufacturer, focusing on the Mumbai & Thane markets in Maharashtra. Reader’s Query Respected Sir, Thank you for all your blog and articles. It has been important in making my foundation of stock investments. I am learning and following your blog since

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Analysis: NOCIL Limited

This article provides in-depth fundamental analysis of NOCIL Ltd, an Indian manufacturer of rubber chemicals including accelerants and antioxidants with brands like PILFLEX® Antidegradants, PILNOX® Antioxidants, PILCURE® Accelerators, Post Vulcanization Stabilizer and PILGARD® Pre Vulcanization Inhibitor. Reader’s Query Dear Doc, I have analysed NOCIL Ltd based on the knowledge I have gained from your website.

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Analysis: Garware Wall Ropes Limited

This article provides in-depth fundamental analysis of Garware Wall Ropes Ltd, an Indian manufacturer technical textiles specializing in ropes & nets focusing on fisheries, aquaculture, shipping, sports, agriculture, coated fabrics and geo-synthetics.   Reader’s Query Dear Sir, I have been investing now for almost 5-6 years and find your blogs and articles/ e-books compilation very

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Analysis: Ishan Dyes & Chemicals Limited

This article provides in-depth fundamental analysis of Ishan Dyes & Chemicals Ltd, an Indian manufacturer of CPC Blue, Alpha Blue and Beta Blue pigments finding use in plastics, paints, inks and water base industries etc.   Reader’s Query Hello Sir I have been going through all your “Selecting Top Stocks to Buy – A Step

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Analysis: Nandan Denim Limited

This article provides in-depth fundamental analysis of Nandan Denim Ltd, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of denim cloth with the largest manufacturing capacity in India.   Reader’s Query Dear Sir, I’ve come across a company called Nandan Denim Ltd and have done its financial and other analysis as suggested by you. I’m attaching the financials

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Analysis: Indo Count Industries Limited

This article provides in-depth fundamental analysis of Indo Count Industries Ltd, an Indian textile player, which has a significant share in the home textile segment of USA and has marquee clients like Walmart, JC Penney, Target, etc. as customers. Indo Count Industries Ltd Reader’s Query Hello Dr Vijay, I have been a regular reader of your

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Analysis: Kaveri Seed Company Limited (KSCL)

This article provides in-depth fundamental analysis of Kaveri Seeds Company Ltd (KSCL), a leading producer of Cotton, Corn, Bajra, Paddy seeds in India. Kaveri Seeds (KSCL) Reader’s Query:  Dear Vijay, I have been following your blog for quite some time and I find it extremely educative. Thanks for educating the investor community. Based on you framework,

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