Mirza International

Free Cash Flow: A Complete Guide to Understanding FCF

The current article explains the concept of Free Cash Flow (FCF) including illustrative responses to the queries asked by readers. This article attempts to discuss various aspects related to Free Cash Flow (FCF) and its usage in company analysis like: What is Free Cash Flow (FCF) Free cash flow vs net cash generation: which one

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Q&A: Granules India, Divi’s Laboratories and Mirza International Limited

The current article in this series provides responses related to: Granules India Limited Divi’s Laboratories Limited Mirza International Limited   Query Sir, Again a wonderful analysis done by you on Granules India. The issue of warrants, high promoter salary seriously hints at Promoter placing their interest much before the company. Obviously, we judge the promoter

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Q&A: MBL Infrastructure, Mirza International and Equity Dilution

The current article in this series provides responses related to: MBL Infrastructure Limited Mirza International Limited EBITDA, equity dilution and extinguishment of shares   Query Read: Analysis: MBL Infrastructure Limited Vijay Malik, good analysis, thanks. I agree with your takeaway. Food for thought: Let’s assume the company is chasing market share and counts on the

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Analysis: Mirza International Limited

This article provides in-depth fundamental analysis of Mirza International Ltd, an Indian manufacturer of leather footwear and finished leather having brands like RedTape, Yezdi and OakTrak.   Mirza International Ltd Q: Hello Sir, I came across your blog when Prof. Sanjay Bakshi tweeted about you. Your blog is a brilliant idea and a much-needed access that

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Analysis: Mahanagar Gas Ltd

  “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, Hyderabad, December 9, 2018: Click Here to Register Now!   The current section of “Analysis” series covers Mahanagar Gas Ltd, the distributor

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Analysis: Albert David Ltd

  “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, Hyderabad, Dec 9, 2018: Click Here to register now!   The current article of “Analysis” series covers Albert David Ltd, a Kolkata based

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Analysis: Stovec Industries Ltd

  “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, Hyderabad, Dec. 9, 2018: Click Here to Register Now The current section of “Analysis” series covers Stovec Industries Ltd, a leading producer

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Analysis: Nesco Ltd

  “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, Hyderabad, Dec 9, 2018: Click Here to Register Now   The current section of “Analysis” series covers Nesco Ltd, owner of the

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