Basic Concepts

Standalone vs Consolidated Financials: A Complete Guide

Many times, investors are uncertain about using standalone vs consolidated financials in their stock analysis. Over time, we have received a lot of queries from investors in the Ask Your Queries section asking us whether they should use standalone vs consolidated financials in situations like overall financial analysis, calculating price to earnings ratio (PE ratio),

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Share Buyback: An Investor’s Guide

The current article provides a guidance to equity investors for interpreting various aspects related to share buyback like why buyback of shares has increased in recent times, how to interpret when promoters also participate in share buyback, how much premium is justified for share buyback price, when does buyback of shares indicate a red flag.

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Fund Flow Analysis: The Ultimate Guide

Fund flow analysis is one of the simplest and the basic tools for stock analysis. Fund flow analysis helps investors in identifying the key areas of utilization of funds for a company during any period along with the key sources of those funds. Fund flow analysis provides a great help to investors in finding companies,

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Share Pledge by Promoters: A Complete Guide

The current article highlights different aspects of share pledge by the promoters of any company. The article also guides public shareholders on the interpretation of the pledging of shares done by promoters. Why promoters raise money by pledging of shares? How to know the amount of share pledge done by the promoters? Difference between share

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Free Cash Flow: A Complete Guide to Understanding FCF

The current article explains the concept of Free Cash Flow (FCF) including illustrative responses to the queries asked by readers. This article attempts to discuss various aspects related to Free Cash Flow (FCF) and its usage in company analysis like: What is Free Cash Flow (FCF) Free cash flow vs net cash generation: which one

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Understanding Cash Flow from Operations (CFO)

The current article in this series provides responses related to: Step-by-step calculation of cash flow from operations (CFO) from net profits (PAT) of a company. Can companies arbitrarily add depreciation in CFO calculation to inflate CFO? Can Dividend & Interest Income be a part of cash flow from operations (CFO) instead of cash flow from

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Stock Warrants to Promoters: How to Analyse

The current article in this series provides responses related to the preferential allotment of stock warrants / share warrants to promoters.   Stock warrants are insider trading timed to perfection! Example: Indo Count Industries Limited   Indo Count Industries Ltd approved the allotment of 28,98,300 stock warrants to promoters in the meeting on September 11,

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Selecting Best Shares to Buy for Beginners and Retail Investors

Finding best shares to buy for beginners & retail investors has always been a big challenge. In this article, we explore the strengths of retail investors and find solutions for their constraints. The aim of this article is to find out the qualities of those stocks, which meet the criteria of best shares to buy

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Understanding Quarterly Reports: A Step by Step Guide

One of the key requisites of being listed on stock exchanges is that the listed companies are required to disclose their performance on a periodic basis. Most commonly, it is disclosure of quarterly reports by filing shareholding patterns and quarterly results. This is true for almost all the publicly listed companies across the world. Different

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Analysis: Globus Spirits Ltd

  “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, Hyderabad, Dec 9, 2018: Click Here to Register Now!   The current section of “Analysis” series covers Globus Spirits Ltd, a manufacturer

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Analysis: Mahanagar Gas Ltd

The current section of “Analysis” series covers Mahanagar Gas Ltd, the distributor of natural gas in the Mumbai and Thane region supplying piped natural gas

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Analysis: Albert David Ltd

The current article of “Analysis” series covers Albert David Ltd, a Kolkata based Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer producing acute therapy drugs and human placenta extract based

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Analysis: Stovec Industries Ltd

The current section of “Analysis” series covers Stovec Industries Ltd, a leading producer of printing machines & consumables for textile printing, graphics printing. The company

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