Basic Concepts of Stock Analysis

Operating Performance Analysis: A Simple & Complete Guide

Analyzing operating performance of any company is a critical step before taking any investment related decision about any company. It tells an investor whether any company is improving its operating efficiency year on year and should be a potential investment candidate or on the contrary, its performance is deteriorating with time and any investment in

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How to Analyse New Companies in Unknown Industries?

Many times, we come across companies, which show promising signs of becoming good investment opportunities. We may find such companies while interacting with friends, watching television, reading magazines, vacationing, shopping or screening stocks online. We get interested and start searching about these companies on the internet. We visit their websites, glimpse through their financials and

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How to earn High Returns at Low Risk – Invest in Low PE Stocks

Investing in low price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) stocks has been around for about a century now. Its most ardent proponent, Benjamin Graham, has been one the best stock investors of all times. He introduced low PE ratio as one of the founding principles of value investing school. Graham’s major focus was to find

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Are Your Stocks Losing Money While The Market Is Going Up?

Recently, I received a request from one of my friends to review his portfolio. I was surprised to notice that most of his stocks were in losses, despite markets (Sensex) having risen about 30% in last one year. A casual chat revealed that he had invested in those stocks over last 2-3 years after listening

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How To Monitor Stocks In Your Portfolio

Recently, we learned about selecting good stocks to buy for the portfolio in the article Selecting Top Stocks to Buy: A Step-by-Step Process of Finding Multibagger Stocks. The current article focuses on the the best ways of monitoring stocks in the portfolio along with answers to important queries of investors about monitoring stocks. We learned that an

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Trading Journal of a Value Investor

Recently, I read a post about “How Not to Invest” on The post showed the trading journal of an investor in the form of a chart highlighting the mistakes, which an investor can make if she does not have the discipline and a plan of action. The following chart represents the trading diary.  

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Why I Left Technical Analysis And Never Returned To It!

I started investing in stock markets in 2006 by learning technical analysis, which I continued to follow for 2 years until I realized that I was going in a wrong direction. It took a few huge lost opportunities, a lot of introspection, some unlearning and a lot of new learning before I realized that fundamental

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Final Checklist for Buying Stocks

The current article is the summary of the key aspects of stocks analysis learned by us until now and puts them together in the form of a checklist for buying stocks. This article also provides further clarifications on the check list by answering investors’ important queries like: What to do when no company/stock meets all

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"Peaceful Investing": My Stock Investing Approach

“Peaceful Investing” approach is the result of my more than a decade of experience in equity markets. This approach helped me invest even when I had a full-time corporate job and could not spare a lot of time for stock analysis. During my investing journey, I have faced all the common challenges of the investors, the biggest one being “scarcity of time”. “Peaceful Investing” approach keeps in mind that an investor will have limited amount of time to spare for stock investing. 

The objective of “Peaceful Investing” approach is the selection of such stocks, where once an investor has put in her money, then she may sleep peacefully. Therefore, if later on, the stock prices rise, then the investor is happy as she is now wealthier. On the contrary, if the stock prices fall, even then the investor is happy as she can now buy more quantity of the selected fundamentally good stocks.

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