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Analysis: Kilitch Drugs (India) Limited

This article provides fundamental analysis of Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd an Indian pharmaceutical company manufacturing all dosage forms i.e. solid, liquid and parenteral forms. Kilitch Drugs focuses on antibacterial parenteral formulations and sterile liquid formulations in small volumes. Kilitch Drugs also does contract manufacturing for national and multinational pharmaceutical companies.   Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd Q: Dear

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Analysis: Pochiraju Industries Limited

This article provides fundamental analysis of Pochiraju Industries Ltd, an Indian player in floriculture, pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical space.   Pochiraju Industries Ltd Q: Hello Vijay Sir, I am planning to invest in Pochiraju Industries Ltd, but have a mixed feeling and not able to make up my mind whether it is going to be a good

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Analysis: Acrysil and DHP India Limited

This article provides fundamental analysis of Acrysil Ltd and DHP India Ltd Acrysil Ltd Q: Dr Vijay, I like the content on your blog and the in-depth stock analysis. I am analyzing a small cap company Acrysil Ltd that is into manufacturing of kitchen sinks. Acrysil’s sales for FY 2014 was Rs 104 crore and

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Analysis: Haldyn Glass Limited

This article provides fundamental analysis of Haldyn Glass Ltd, an Indian company manufacturing bottles for food, pharmaceutical, beverages and liquor industries. Haldyn Glass Ltd   One of the readers, Venkatasubramaniyan Natarajan, has done an excellent analysis of Haldyn Glass Ltd. He has captured almost all the pertinent points with respect to company analysis. His analysis can serve

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Analysis: APM Industries and Nitin Spinners Limited

This article provides fundamental analysis of APM Industries Ltd and Nitin Spinners Ltd.    APM Industries Ltd Q: Hey Sir. I follow your blog daily and I must say that I have become your disciple.. I am just out of college now and started working in IT since last month. Anyways I was looking at

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Analysis: Eveready Industries, Waterbase and Titagarh Wagons Limited

This article provides fundamental analysis of Eveready Industries India Ltd (Eveready), The Waterbase Ltd (Waterbase) and Titagarh Wagons Ltd (TWL) Eveready Industries India Ltd  Q: Also need your views on Eveready Industries  India Ltd?   Author’s Response Thanks for writing to me!   Financial Analysis of Eveready Industries India Ltd: Eveready Industries India Ltd (Eveready)

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Analysis: Shilpi Cable Technologies and Honda SIEL Power Products Limited

This article provides fundamental analysis of Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd (Shilpi) and Honda SIEL Power Products Ltd (HondaPower) Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd   Q: Hello Sir! What is your opinion about Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd? It looks to be trading on very low valuation and growing as well. Thanks for your help!   Author’s Response

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Analysis: SAIL, Swaraj Engines, Jubilant Life Sciences and SJVN Limited

This article provides fundamental analysis of Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL), Swaraj Engines Ltd, Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd and Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam (SJVN) Ltd   Steel Authority of India Ltd Q: Hi, Can you please provide your views on SAIL?   Author’s Response Thanks for writing to me.   Financial Analysis of SAIL:

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Analysis: Bliss GVS Pharma, Sasken Communication, Superhouse, Suzlon, PNB

This article provides fundamental analysis of Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd, Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd, Superhouse Ltd, Suzlon Energy Ltd and Punjab National Bank. Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd Q: Dear sir, your articles are very helpful for beginners like me. I did my investments without proper knowledge and based on tips. After losing my money, I

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"Peaceful Investing": My Stock Investing Approach

“Peaceful Investing” approach is the result of my more than a decade of experience in equity markets. This approach helped me invest even when I had a full-time corporate job and could not spare a lot of time for stock analysis. During my investing journey, I have faced all the common challenges of the investors, the biggest one being “scarcity of time”. “Peaceful Investing” approach keeps in mind that an investor will have limited amount of time to spare for stock investing. 

The objective of “Peaceful Investing” approach is the selection of such stocks, where once an investor has put in her money, then she may sleep peacefully. Therefore, if later on, the stock prices rise, then the investor is happy as she is now wealthier. On the contrary, if the stock prices fall, even then the investor is happy as she can now buy more quantity of the selected fundamentally good stocks.

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