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This section will guide you to use our website to learn and be able to analyse stocks on your own.

This website is an attempt to simplify stock market investing for a common investor. I believe that everyone can be a successful stock market investor if she is willing to put in the required effort for learning basics of investing. A person is not required to have an educational background in finance to succeed in stock market investing.

Steps of Learning Stocks Analysis:

We recommend you to read the following article to learn a simplified approach to analysing stocks and investing in the stock markets:

It is a series of articles, which is a very helpful guide for every reader to develop her stock picking approach. An investor can learn to select stocks for her portfolio by developing such an investment approach. After completion of reading this series, the reader would be able to develop a checklist for selecting good stocks for her investments.

Analysis of Different Stocks:

Our website contains a lot of “Analysis” articles containing in depth analysis of companies, which act as case studies for investors to witness stock analysis live in action. You may read these stock analysis articles here:

Ask Your Queries:

In case you have any queries about stock investing, you want to have my inputs on your stock analysis, then you may ask the same as comments on this page: Ask Your Queries. We would be happy to provide our inputs.

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We provide a few premium services, which have been found value adding by many investors:

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  4. E-book: “Peaceful Investing – A Simple Guide to Hassle-free Stock Investing”
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  6. “Peaceful Investing” Workshops

You may read about our premium services here: Premium Services

List of All Articles & Site Map:

There are many useful articles about stocks investing, mutual funds, insurance, books review etc. written by me on You can see the list of all these articles by visiting the All Articles/Sitemap page (click here).This page has all the articles published by us on our website about Stocks, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Books etc. You would easily find a lot of useful articles about investing that will interest you.

Hope you find the website useful!

Feel free to contact us in case you require any clarification about any of the concepts that I have mentioned in any of the articles. We would appreciate it if you provide us with your feedback about the website or any of its articles. You may put your inputs in the comments below or contact us here.

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