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This section is to assist you in the quest for stock market investing. You may ask any of your investment related queries as comments to this page. It would be our pleasure to be of help to you in your investing journey.

There are many articles on the website where we have written about the frequent hurdles for a common investor. These articles cover different aspects related to stock investing like:

  • Conducting detailed stock analysis
  • Assessing margin of safety in a stock's price and its business model
  • Deciding about the buying price for any stock
  • Deciding about when to sell a stock
  • Monitoring stocks in an investor's portfolio
  • How many stocks to own in one's portfolio etc.

These articles have been compiled as a series of articles in the following link:

Selecting Top Stocks to Buy: A Step by Step Process of Finding Multibagger Stocks

If these articles are not able to answer your query, then you may write about it in the comments below. we would be happy to provide you our perspective.


Guidelines for sharing stock analysis

In case, readers wish to have our views on their analysis of any company, then we request the readers to share with us their comprehensive analysis incorporating the knowledge, which has already been shared at by way of multiple articles and company analysis.

We advise readers to go through each of the articles of the below mentioned series of articles and do a detailed analysis by incorporating the learning of each of these articles:

Selecting Top Stocks to Buy: A Step by Step Process of Finding Multibagger Stocks

A comprehensive analysis of a stock would typically include:

  • Detailed analysis from multiple perspectives like:
    • Financial, Valuation, Business, Management and Operating Efficiency.
  • Analysis of annual reports including notes/schedules to financial statements, related party transactions, management discussion and analysis etc.
  • Analysis of credit rating reports of the company
  • Comparative analysis with peers of the company
Doing comprehensive analysis incorporating existing knowledge at our website is essential as otherwise our responses to reader's stock analysis becomes only a duplication of the information/knowledge, which is already present on the website.

You may take guidance from the following analysis submitted by readers in the amount of insights, which can be brought out by using different publicly available sources of information:

Due to time constraints, we are unable to provide our views on the analysis shared by readers, who have not utilized the existing knowledge & resources about stock analysis available on this website.

All the best for your investing journey!

Queries about investing concepts/definitions


For conceptual queries/definitions, we request readers to first do an online/Google search for their query. There are many articles already available on internet which explain investing concepts/definitions in a very simple and clear manner.

After reading the online resources, if the investor still has doubts, then we request the investors to write to us for clarification along with the link to the online source referred to by the investor.

Important Instructions

There is usually a backlog of companies to be analyzed as requested by readers. Therefore, it might take sometime before we are able to provide my views on the company requested by you. We request you to bear up with us in the interim!

For certain sectors like Banks/NBFCs/Real Estate/EPC etc., the data pertinent to analysis is not present in the data sources like screener, moneycontrol etc. In such cases, it is essential that investors take out this data from the annual reports/corporate presentations/other public sources of information and include it in their analysis to be submitted to us for inputs.
  • Banks: Asset-liability mismatch, funding profile, capital adequacy ratio & its breakup, NPA movement, borrower-wise concentration etc.
  • Real Estate/EPC: Project-wise data of the entire business of the company

Please note:
  1. After you submit your query, it will not be immediately visible on this page. This is because the query will go to our moderation panel and will be visible only after we reply to your query. This process helps us to keep a track of the queries, which are yet to be answered by us.
  2. We will reply to your query as soon as we can dedicate quality time to it. Request you not to send follow up emails.
  3. When we will reply to your query, then your query along with our response will be visible here. You will also get an email notification from "disqus" when we have replied to your query.




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Details of Financial Interest in the Subject Company:

Whenever, we would opine about any company on this website, we would declare whether at the point of writing/opining, we own shares of the particular company so that the readers/investors may be aware of our position and assess whether our views about the particular stock can be biased.

We would want to clarify that any views presented by us as part of answer to queries or discussion are our own, which are aimed to help the readers think and ponder over their stocks and investment approach. Readers are expected to take any investment decision related to their stocks after doing own due diligence.