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This section is to assist you in the quest for stock market investing. You may ask any of your investment related queries as comments to this page. It would be my pleasure to be of help to you in your investing journey.

There are many articles on the website where I have written about the frequent hurdles for a common investor. Reading these articles would help you gain clarity about stock market investing:

I do not recommend technical analysis for stock investing for common investors. Therefore, if you have a query related to technical analysis, then this might not be the best place to ask it. (Read: Why I Left Technical Analysis And Never Returned To It!)

If these articles are not able to answer your query, then you may write about it in the comments below. I would be happy to provide you my perspective.


Important Instructions

I advise readers to divide the stock analysis under 5 parameters: Financial, Valuation, Business, Management and Operating Efficiency. 

You may take help of the guidelines mentioned in below articles to conduct the analysis and share it:

You may read a live example of application of the parameters financial, valuation, business and management analysis guidelines on a stock in this article: Equity Research - Ambika Cotton Mills Limited

You may read about the examples of live application of the operating efficiency parameters on stocks under Q&A Series. Analysis of many companies is present in this series, which would help you in conducting stock research.

Once you have completed the stock research under these 5 parameters: Financial, Valuation, Business, Management, Operating Efficiency and read at least the latest Annual Report completely and you are still convinced that the company should be pursued further and wish to have my views on certain aspects, then I would request you to share the complete analysis with the readers and the author. I would be happy to provide my inputs on the stock and your analysis.

All the best for your investing journey!

Important Note


1) is proposed to be an avenue for investors to learn & improve stock analysis and not to be a database of analysis reports of the companies listed on stock exchanges. I would suggest that readers use this opportunity to get inputs on their stock analysis rather than my views on any particular stock/buy/sell/hold recommendations. Therefore, I request you to share your detailed analysis of stocks with your queries, so that it can become a learning exercise for both the author and the readers.

I am receiving a lot of queries in which the investors have not fully utilized the existing knowledge & resources available on the website. 

As mentioned above, the motive of this website is to help readers in stock analysis so that the reader can take the investment decision on her own. Therefore, it is essential that the reader utilizes the knowledge I request the readers to go through all the articles under "Recommended Articles" and then conduct the stock analysis. She should also read various company analysis already done on this website, so that she can see the guidelines put into action, which would help her immensely in her own analysis.

Due to time constraints, I am unable to provide my views on the analysis shared by readers, who have not utilized the existing knowledge & resources about stock analysis available on this website.

2) A lot of companies, including the ones in my portfolio, have already been discussed in various articles and comments on this website. Request you to read through the already published analysis before raising a fresh query. You may see the list of all the companies analysed here: All Articles

3) Currently, there is a backlog of companies to be analyzed as requested by readers. It might take sometime before I am able to provide my views on the company requested by you. Request you to bear up with me!

4) Currently, I do not provide analysis of companies of following sectors, therefore, I request readers not to ask queries for companies in these sectors:

  • IT/ITeS: I do not understand this sector,
  • Banking/FI/NBFC: the data needed for their analysis like asset-liability mismatch, funding profile, CAR & its breakup, NPA movement, borrower-wise concentration etc are not available on open sources like moneycontrol, screener etc). 
  • Real Estate and Infrastructure (EPC): These companies use percentage of completion method (POCM) for accounting revenue from their projects which usually extend beyond one financial year. From my experience, I have realised that it is very difficult to have a complete sense of the financial position of companies following POCM method from financial numbers disclosed in the annual report. In these companies, the revenue & cash income do not have any correlation and the disclosed P&L statement can produce a picture completely opposite to the real financial position. The financial data presented by various websites like screener, money control etc. is not of much use to assess the business of the company. One needs to understand the individual projects being executed by the company along with the cash position of each  of the projects.




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I am registered with SEBI as an Investment Adviser under SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013.

Details of Financial Interest in the Subject Company:

Whenever, I would opine about any company on this website, I would declare whether at the point of writing/opining, I own shares of the particular company so that the readers/investors may be aware of my position and assess whether my views about the particular stock can be biased.

I would want to clarify that any views presented by me as part of answer to queries or discussion are my own, which are aimed to help you think and ponder over your stocks and investment approach. You are expected to take any investment decision related to your stocks after doing your own due diligence.