June 11, 2016

Pre-Register & Express Interest for a Stock Investing Workshop in Your City

It has been about two years since drvijaymalik.com started its journey of “Simplifying Stock Market Investing for a Common Investor”. It has been a very fulfilling journey until now in which I have seen many readers benefiting in their efforts to hone their skills as fundamental stock investors.

Many readers have shared their inputs about the usefulness of the articles on drvijaymalik.com in their quest to search for fundamentally sound stocks. Personally, it has been a great experience to receive the feedback, some of which can be read here in the section: Testimonials

Until now, the primary mode of sharing knowledge on drvijaymalik.com has been articles focused on various stock investing concepts and stocks’ analysis. However, overtime, many readers have suggested extending the knowledge sharing to “in-person” formats like workshops, YouTube video logs etc. I appreciate all the readers/investors who have given their feedback to guide the next stage of progress to drvijaymalik.com in its quest to help common retail investors become better investors.

In the effort to take the knowledge sharing to the next level, I plan to conduct day long workshops focused on fundamental equity investing. The aim of the workshops is to help a retail investor understand the key aspects of fundamental equity analysis and use them in her stock selection so that she can identify good stocks for investment on her own.

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I believe that a person does not need to have a background in finance for becoming a successful stock market investor provided she is willing to put in the required time and effort for learning about stock analysis. Therefore, the aim of the workshops is to help participants become better investors irrespective of their education background.

“Peaceful Investing Workshop"

The scope of the workshop would cover:
  • Interpreting and understanding the usage of various public sources of information about companies like annual reports, quarterly results, credit rating reports, exchange filings etc. The focus would be to help the participants to be equipped with the relevant understanding of these documents so that they can make judgments by referring to the first-hand information available to them and not depend on interpretations provided by others like equity analysts, TV panelists, market experts etc.
  • Understanding the stock selection process in detail covering various aspects like generating stock investing ideas, stock shortlisting, financial, business, management, valuation, and operating efficiency parameters along with relevant examples and case studies so that participants are able to build their own processes and conduct the stock analysis on their own.
  • Portfolio creation aspects like diversification, allocation, one time or staggered investments, re-balancing, additional buying & selling strategies etc.
  • Monitoring stocks in the portfolio and deciding about selling
  • Live companies' examples and Q&A about queries of participants about equity investing & related clarifications.

The scope of the workshops requires it to be a full day event, which would normally be from 9 AM to 6 PM on a Sunday.

The charges for the workshop are expected to be about ₹8,000 per participant including lunch, tea, and refreshments (final details to be shared later).

Over past few days, I have been approached by many readers/investors inquiring about whether I plan to have a workshop in their respective cities. I am willing to conduct workshops in cities where a certain number of readers/investors wish to participate in the workshop. I believe that the appropriate number of participants in a workshop would be about 30-40.

Therefore, I have created the below form where a reader/investor can pre-register/express her interest in attending the workshop so that:
  • We can have an idea about the number of participants willing for a workshop in any city. This would help me in planning workshops in those cities that have about 30-40 interested participants.
  • Workshop plans would be first shared with the members who have done pre-registration before being disclosed in social media. Plan of a workshop would be shared on public media only if slots remain unfilled from pre-registered members.

Feedback of participants of "Peaceful Investing" workshops conducted in different cities:

  • "Peaceful Investing" workshop held in Pune on February 12, 2017: Click here
  • "Peaceful Investing" workshop held in Hyderabad on January 29, 2017: Click here
  • "Peaceful Investing" workshop held in Chennai on December 11, 2016: Click here
  • "Peaceful Investing" workshop held in Bangalore on November 13, 2016: Click here
  • "Peaceful Investing" workshop held in Delhi on October 23, 2016: Click here
  • "Peaceful Investing" workshop held in Mumbai on September 11, 2016: Click here
  • "Peaceful Investing" workshop held in Mumbai on August 28, 2016: Click here


Who should attend the workshop?

Any investor who wants to select stocks for investment on her own by using the fundamental approach to stock investing.

Do the participants require a background in finance?

No. I believe that a person does not need to have a background in finance for becoming a successful stock market investor provided she is willing to put in the required time and effort for learning about stock analysis. Stock investing requires only basic mathematical skill, which all of us had learnt in our schools.

What should an investor expect to learn from the workshop?

  • Identifying potential stocks for her investments by conducting detailed analysis
  • Ability to make opinion about any stock whether the same has good, average or worse fundamentals
  • Ability to monitor stocks in the portfolio by using various publicly available sources
  • Basic understanding of accounting
  • Understanding annual reports, quarterly results, credit rating reports and using them to get key information from these documents

How to register if I am open to attending workshop in any of the multiple cities?

In such a case, we suggest that the investor should register/fill the form multiple times and select different cities for each registration.

You may share the following link with your interested friends to fill in their details: http://goo.gl/forms/ZxlMM9UYG4KQRPT52

For any queries and feedback, please contact me or write in the comments to this page.