Participants’ Experiences: “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, Hyderabad, Nov. 24, 2019

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We conducted the “Peaceful Investing” workshop in Hyderabad on November 24, 2019. The workshop was aimed at sharing equity investing knowledge with the participants that could help them gain confidence while taking their equity investment decisions.

The presence of participants coming from Ghaziabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Raichur, Visakhapatnam, Bidar, Gudivada, Narasaraopet, Sindhnur, Eluru and parts of Telangana to attend the workshop in Hyderabad, made it a special occasion for us.

Group Pic Hyderabad Workshop 2019

The presence of outstation participants from distant cities shows that confidence that investors have placed in us. We are truly honoured to have such faith from investors and it gives us immense pleasure to know that the participants found the workshop valuable and added to their stock analysis skills.

The workshop focussed on concepts of stock investing including different aspect of analysis like financial analysis, business & industry analysis, valuation analysis and management analysis along with price to pay for any stock. The workshop also focused on different data sources available to the retail investors for doing stock analysis and an in-depth understanding using Screener, which is one of the best data source available for Indian stocks

The workshop included a session on answering different queries faced by the participants while doing investments and stock analysis.

Many participants shared their feedback about the workshop and their learnings from it. Below is the feedback of some of the participants.

Experiences of participants of “Peaceful Investing” workshop, Hyderabad:

Dear Dr Malik,

There are a number of things I loved about the workshop. Firstly, the enthusiasm you had to teach for almost 6hrs+ is quite commendable. As a professor myself, I appreciate the effort you have put in preparing for the workshop and covering all the topics while taking Q&A during the session was really good.

After attending the workshop I felt like the knowledge you shared was totally worth the investment (the workshop fee) or maybe more. I have tried learning from different books, youtube videos, google but all were in bit and pieces. This workshop has really set the foundation right for equity investing and enabled me to bring together all that knowledge together I gather from different sources like I found the missing piece of the puzzle.

I think the workshop was well organised and you cover mostly all the important aspects.

Seeing from the overall perspective and not seeing as individual non-finance background, I believe you gave enough time to each topic and allowed everyone to grasp it. Basically, you introduced the topics quite well and in an organised manner.

Overall, the workshop was perfect and the service you offer in the form of blogs and workshops is commendable. You taking efforts to read, analyse and reply back to stock related queries only proves your enthusiasm and interest to help others to become better “peaceful value investor”. With this, I sincerely thank you. Thanks & kind regards

– Dharun Rao

Hello Dr. Malik,

Hope you are doing well.

At the outset, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for your effort in making such a well rounded workshop.

I believe the lack of structured information was the biggest hurdle that had kept me from venturing into direct investing. Even though I had tried tried reading into books and watching videos, but the disjointed and overwhelming nature of information eventually made me revert back into conventional avenues of investing. I guess, my biggest takeaway from this workshop has been that it has provided a good start point from where I can build upon my knowledge in this domain.

The Workshop was well thought out and all the topics were presented in a lucid manner. There were enough illustrations to highlight both good and not so good side of this business and how individuals need to do their homework to avoid being taken for a ride with their hard earned money.

Overall I believe this workshop is a worthwhile investment of both your time and money, if you are serious about stock market investing and how it can be a key skill to have in ones pursuit for financial independence.

Once again I would like to Thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment in helping amateurs like me to overcome our fear of direct investing and see it as a worthwhile skill to learn and benefit from.

Just wanted to highlight one important observation that might be of use for participant in future sessions:

This one is more for participants, the suggested E-book reading prior to attendance, is a very good book to have before attending the session. I had gone through the same and was able to relate to your philosophy and practice in a better way. Regards,

– Krishnadas

Dear Dr. Malik,

It was a real pleasure attending “peaceful investing” workshop and not to speak of the wealth of information and value it delivered to the individuals like me who are keen on charting an independent and enterprising investment journey to generate wealth for themselves by practising peaceful investing. I feel the coverage and content of the workshop were really designed well and delivered effectively.

If I compare my expectations formulated before the workshop attendance and gathered wisdom post attendance, It was much more than what I had expected and please accept a heartfelt thank you on that count. The workshop very clearly and nicely covered:

  • Resources, knowledge and skills required to become a peaceful investor.
  • How to pick right stocks to generate wealth?
  • How to monitor picked stocks while they chart out their growth path?
  • When / How to sell the picked stocks?
  • How to structure / restructure one’s portfolio and What to read / learn to refine the skills post attendance?

Thank you so much once again for your commitment to empower and serve the individual investors like me. Best Regards.

– Pramod Kushwaha

Dear Sir,

I had a great learning experience. I am from a totally non-financial background and yet the sequence that you walked us through and how you did your best to simplify concepts and convey them to us, was amazing. The fact that this was your 28th workshop was evident with the clear flow of thoughts that you had. I have nothing to add or suggest. Possibly I can only say so, with my level of knowledge and understanding. I would take time to make my educated plunge into the stock market. Until then, I plan to do the spade work by doing company analysis in the steps mentioned by you. I know this is not something which would not come in a day. It’s going to take time. But now, I at least know the path. Thank You.

– Arvind


It was a great experience coming to the workshop. I personally am very happy with the way it was organised. I feel the course, content, venue, food – everything was in place. I congragulate you and thank you, sir, for giving us such an experience. Best of regards,

– Dr Vamsikrishna

Dear Sir,

I liked the way the session was conducted, keeping it simple and explaining in detail key aspects to identify a potential stock for investment.  For me the biggest learnings were Self-Sustainable Growth Rate (SSGR) comparison, fund flow analysis, management quality assessment, keeping alerts for stocks, and I think I am motivated to develop my own excel sheet for screener (I have been using Screener for a long time).

On the whole, I enjoyed the session and I think it will help me prune my portfolio. I will need to spend time to develop a philosophy for my investing which I intend to do in the coming weeks. Thank you for the session. Regards,

– Abhilash

Respected sir,

Thank you for valuable lessons and sharing your knowledge with us. I started learning to invest in stock markets since 2 years and your workshop has helped me a lot to know what and where am I lagging behind and correct my path accordingly.

I appreciate your efforts and I had enjoyed the whole day. Thank you once again.

– Varun

Dear Dr. Malik,

It was a wonderful session and I really enjoyed the insightful discussions. Thanks & Regards

– Raju

Hi Dr. Malik,

It was great to meet and interact with you.

I liked the structure of the session, sequencing of topics and nicely explained correlation with 5 key elements of research, examples given and illustration of fund flow analysis. Overall, it was very engaging and well explained session. Thanks,

– Mohsin

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