Participants’ Experiences: “Peaceful Investing” Workshop, Mumbai, June 9, 2019

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We conducted the “Peaceful Investing” workshop in Mumbai on June 9, 2019. The workshop was aimed at sharing equity investing knowledge with the participants that could help them gain confidence while taking their equity investment decisions.

The presence of participants coming from places like Kolkata, Rourkela, NCR, Nagpur, Solapur, Vadodara, Surat, Pune, and parts of Mumbai to attend the workshop made it a special occasion for us.

Mumbai Peaceful Investing Workshop 2019 Group Pic

The presence of outstation participants from distant cities shows that confidence that investors have placed in us. We are truly honoured to have such faith from investors and it gives us immense pleasure to know that the participants found the workshop valuable and added to their stock analysis skills.

The workshop focussed on concepts of stock investing including different aspect of analysis like financial analysis, business & industry analysis, valuation analysis and management analysis along with price to pay for any stock. The workshop also focused on different data sources available to the retail investors for doing stock analysis and an in-depth understanding using Screener, which is one of the best data source available for Indian stocks

The workshop included a session on answering different queries faced by the participants while doing investments and stock analysis.

A lot of participants shared their feedback about the workshop and their learnings from it. Below is the feedback of some of the participants.

Experiences of participants of “Peaceful Investing” workshop, Mumbai:

Dear Sir,

It was pleasure to attend the workshop. Please find my feedback for the workshop:

The program was very well structured. the flow was perfect. You kept a tab on the timing. I have attended a few workshops of investing and your workshop seems to be providing the most amount of critical information in a very simple way. Value for money wise, I would rank it the highest.

It was truly helpful to see the live examples from the companies randomly chosen, suggested by the participants.

I think the topics you covered about were just perfect.

Wishing you real good luck for your future workshops and I would really like to thank you for this valuable day.

You are doing a really fabulous job and I can only pray for more people like you to be in the market to train retail investors like us. Thank you so much. Heartiest regards,

– Mehul Vajir

Respected Sir,

My experience of the workshop was good.

Earlier, I was struggling to make out the sense of all available data/information. After listening to your approach and methodology, I felt that this is the correct way to diagnose the health of any company so well that it will lead to identifying the companies, which will be beneficial for an investor.

I am very much impressed with your vast knowledge, huge experience, correct approach , good method to filter out better companies from other, correct diagnosis of company`s health, deriving inference from numbers that gives glimpses of what’s really going on in company, and much more……, which one should must have knowledge… make a wise decision.

If I am asked to put my experience in words…….. it will be something like….. I was wandering in the sea of information to find out better way to reach a destination of financial prudence …. your knowledge …….. showed me a correct path like a lighthouse

I will try my best to utilise this knowledge where I will need a guidance from you if i fell short.

Thanking a Lot………….a Lot ……

– Kiran

Dear sir,

The workshop was great. Previously, I was taking investment decisions while analyzing certain parameters, which may not be a complete investment decision. From now, I will be able to analyze a company in detail by considering all the aspects that you have taught us in the workshop, which will help us to make a firm investment decision.

Sir, you are doing good work by conducting such workshops which help retail investor to construct portfolio for long term. The concept of margin of safety you explained is also important for value creation as it rewards higher return for minimum risk. Thank you,

– Prashant

Dr Malik,

It was indeed a pleasure to attend the workshop.

I was expecting to meet an knowledgeable and extremely humble human being who believes sharing only will help and I was extremely happy upon meeting you in person.

I would want to inform that I’m ex banker having worked at senior positions and have also read books on CFA Level 1. I am also associated with the markets since the last 25 years. But Sir, I take the pride in informing the following :

  • I am reading your blogs for last 1 year.
  • I have uploaded my work sheet on screener reading your case studies/knowledge sharing sheets.
  • Inspite of me having such a vast experience, I never had the clarity to identify/research/track/sell the stock till the time I read your book. It only added when I attended your workshop.

Looking forward to many more new sessions in future. All the very best, Sir. Thanks & warm regards

– Rajesh

Hi Vijay,

We enjoyed the workshop. We are very amateur investors from a completely different field (medicine). We enjoyed all the sessions. We understood almost everything as you laid everything clearly. Some formulas will be revised and looked into details in the coming days. We are happy that now we can go ahead according to the groundwork laid by you!!

– Dr Blonton

Thank you Dr Vijay,

It was a wonderful experience to have attended your workshop, particularly the one from my own alma mater. I felt very proud. You are down to earth, humble human being despite being so highly qualified and having earned the respect (Dr. Stock) from the top learned financial community (where you too belong).

The place was spacious, cool, clean and convenient to most of the people. Food arrangement was very nice.
The workshop content was excellent. Your lucid presentation made us feel it like an easy one. It was so interesting that the day vanished like an hour.

Over all, it was an enjoyable financial feast well worth every penny, and every moment. Wish you all the best to keep you career chart in uptrend forever. Thank you again. With warm regards,

– Dr.Shripad Kulkarni

Dear Sir,

Thank you for this insightful knowledge you shared with us in the workshop. This workshop was better than what I learned in my Masters in Finance in college.

I once again take this opportunity to thank you for the great learning experience. Warm Regards,

– Guruprasad Nabar

Dear Dr Vijay Malik,

Greetings and thank you for an enlightening course content delivered yesterday in Mumbai. I went away with new learnings that instilled confidence for my next level of stock picking & analysis. Specifically, I liked the SSGR approach and the wealth created per rupee of retained earnings.

Your energy levels are high enough that you kept all the participants thoroughly engaged throughout the session. You have a certain formula of managing your energy levels and how I wish that I could borrow some of that energy management lessons from you.

– Anil Sharma

Dear Dr Malik,

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. What I liked the most about your seminar is the way you conduct yourself – I believe that investing as a compartmentalized part of the brain doesn’t yield long term results. So if the learnings are internalized, they show in your entire approach to the world. This in my opinion is the best way to be a student of investing. Warm Regards

– Pranay

Dear Dr. Vijay Malik,

Thank you for the session. It was a wonderful learning and certainly, it sets up the mind as how to look at market and analyze it.

At the outset, I’m very much impressed by your energy & humbleness throughout the session for more than 10 hours. You have touched upon the basics in every session. Thank you for wisdom & appreciate the help to creating the wealth. Regards,

– Amol V. Kale


The workshop was amazing. What I got from it? –

  • How to analyse any company
  • When to enter any stocks
  • When to exit
  • How to keep track of script
  • How to do background check
  • Screener, google updates, researchbytes, online support
  • and finally, annual report is thing which we can’t let it go if we really wish to make money.

It was very nice to hear from energetic doctor like you. Thank you,

– Dr Vasudeo

Respected Sir,

The workshop was a great experience. You have highlighted the details, which we were missing. You have also given your investing approach/methods to analyse a stock. It was really great experience with a new perspective. Thank you Sir. Thanks & Regards,
– Shrinivas

Dear Dr Malik,

Good Afternoon!

I had a very good experience yesterday at the Peaceful Investing Workshop. It was action packed right from the start till the finish.

  • Course Content – Very good.
  • Punctuality. Too good.
  • Speed & focus on teaching & not getting distracted by questions.
  • Short and Sweet Breaks.

For the time in hand, you have given very good value. You spread your time well across the topics you covered. You gave justice to all sections as per requirement.

You have a strong command on your subject. I was really impressed by your focus and simplicity. Thanks & Regards,

– Rajat

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your time. I liked overall the importance and emphasis you lay on capital protection and need to be detailed and thorough with monitoring, which is of various types. I go away realizing that I have been amateurish in my method and the ways, and I need to be far more vigilant. I need to value hard earned money much more.

Thank you. Regards,

– Nitinn

Hi Dr. Vijay

The language was simple without any financial jargons. Also, your patience in answering all the questions was commendable. Please keep up the good work and looking forward for your articles.

– Varun

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